Obj-Open  : we will get mutiple records from  table  based  on the criteria  from the  specified  calss. Or Opens an instance of a given class
OBJ-open-handle:  here we have have to pass the pzInskey  as a instance handle, this mehod will  open only  one record at time. Or  Open object by handle to the pzInsKey value
The handle of an instance is a unique key, in an internal format, assembled by the system that identifies an instance in the PegaRULES database. It may differ from the visible key generally used to identify instances. (Every instance has a unique handle, but more than one instance may share the same visible key.) For rule instances, the handle includes system-generated identifying values (including the create date and time) that make it unique.
Use the Obj-Open-By-Handle method only if you can determine the unique handle that permanently identifies which instance to open. Otherwise, use the Obj-Open method.

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