Starts the Application Preflight tool, which reports warning conditions on the rules in your Application RuleSets. These may indicate guardrail compliance issues, potential performance issues, accessibility status, or other notable conditions.
– Application Preflight tool to list each rule in an application that contains a warning message. Warning messages suggest that the rule is at variance with guardrails and other best practices. You can also check for browser compatibility of visual elements.
you can extend the set of warnings with a custom activity named Rule-ZZZZ.CheckForCustomWarnings, where Rule-ZZZZ is a rule type.
Warnings are maintained as instances of the Index-Warning class and saved in the pr_index_warnings database table.
The standard decision tree rule Embed-Warning.pxWarningDetails controls whether warnings of a specific type are reported in the Application Preflight tool. By default, all are reported; you can override this decision tree rule to choose which to omit. This decision tree tests the property pxWarningType, which can have values indicating the source of the warning, such as:
=>    Java — an activity contains a Java step
=>    API 02 — an activity uses the Version 3 PublicAPI
=>    WriteNow — An activity step includes a method with an immediate database write operation rather than a Commit method.

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