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Privacy Policy of

Our privacy team has taken all the steps needed to give more user experience for those who visit our website as well as give complete safety and take care not to misuse or misplace the interests and browser navigation to 3rd party which is in the form of cookies. These are the part of data collected from the user navigation throughout the website until he left the site.


The browsers will collect the information from the particular visitor and analyze what is his/ her interest and what he has done while visiting the site. So based on that, the information we will provide the user specific information, advertisements, and related data at the end of the content. These are called cookies data. We are guarantee that we just make your browsing and experience while visiting our website more interesting and specific to your needs. Apart from that we nowhere use this cookie information to disturb you in any manner.

External Links:

We use external links which directs you to the other official web pages and 3rd party sites. We give no guarantee of their internal issues and their activities other than the purpose of linking them for a specific purpose as we described them. We have no guarantee of their server up all the time and at the time we give external link in our web page, the site is up. Later activities done by them are not informed to us and we are not responsible for them.

Social Media:

We also promote our content in the top most social media sites like Google+, facebook, twitter etc. We just intended towards the awareness of our pages which are helpful for the end users. We do not charge for the content from any of the visitors of our websites. You can read it and like the page.