Read the most frequently asked 46 top UNIX interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced pdf download free.

  1. What would be the effect of changing the value of PATH to:
  2. What is piping?
  3. What is a superuser?
  4. What is command substitution?
  5. What is parsing?
  6. What is Shell?
  7. Is it possible to see information about a process while it is being executed?
  8. Enumerate some of the most commonly used network commands in UNIX
  9. Write a command that will find all text files in a directory such that it does not contain the word “amazing” in any form (that is, it must include the words Amazing, AMAZING, or aMAZINg)
  10. Differentiate cat command from more command.
  11. What is pid?
  12. What is UNIX?
  13. Write a shell script that requests the user’s age and then echoes it, along with some suitable comment.
  14. What are the differences among a system call, a library function, and a UNIX command?
  15. Write a command that will allow a UNIX system to shut down in 15 minutes, after which it will perform a reboot.
  16. What are some common shells and what are their indicators?
  17. What is the output of this command? $who | sort –logfile > newfile
  18. Why is it that it is not advisable to use root as the default login?
  19. Differentiate relative path from absolute path.
  20. What is the use of -l when listing a directory?
  21. Write a command that will output the sorted contents of a file named IN.TXT and place the output in another file named OUT.TXT, while at the same time excluding duplicate entries.
  22. How do you determine and set the path in UNIX?
  23. What is wild-card interpretation?
  24. What are the key features of the Korn Shell?
  25. What is inode?
  26. Briefly describe the Shell’s responsibilities
  27. What command will change your prompt to MYPROMPT: ?
  28. How do you switch from any user type to a super user type?
  29. What is a typical syntax being followed when issuing commands in shell?
  30. Differentiate multiuser from multitask.
  31. What is the chief difference between the –v and –x option s to set?
  32. What are shell variables?
  33. What does this command do? cat food 1 > kitty
  34. How does the system know where one command ends and another begins?
  35. Is there a way to erase all files in the current directory, including all its sub-directories, using only one command?
  36. What is a directory?
  37. What is wrong with this interactive shell script?
  38. What is Bash Shell?
  39. What are filters?
  40. What is the standard convention being followed when naming files in UNIX?
  41. What is Kernel?
  42. You have a file called tonky in the directory honky. Later you add new material to tonky. What changes take place in the directory, inode, and file?
  43. Write a command that will display files in the current directory, in a colored, long format.
  44. Differentiate cmp command from diff command.
  45. Explain the importance of directories in a UNIX system?
  46. What is the use of the tee command?