The SQL server offers 4 types of backups to suit the need of the administrator.
? Complete backup- The complete back up is just zipping the content of the entire database in terms of the different tables and procedures etc. This back up can server as an independent entity that can be restored in different systems with just the base SQL server installed.
? Transaction log backup: This is the mechanism of backing up the transaction logs that have been maintained in the server. This way the details of the database getting updated is obtained. This cannot be a stand-alone back up mechanism. But can save a lot of time if we already have the file system related to the DB backed up on the new deployment server.
? Differential backup: This is a subset of the complete backup, where only the modified datasets are backed up. This can save the time when we are just trying to maintain a backup server to main server.
? File backup: This is the quickest way to take the backup of entire database. Instead of taking in the data actually stored in DB, the files are backed up and the file system thus obtained when combined with the transaction logs of the original system will render the database that we are trying to back up.