AGGREGATE  – It applies aggregate functions to Record Sets to produce new output records from aggregated values.
AUDIT  – Adds Package and Task level Metadata – such as Machine Name, Execution Instance, Package Name, Package ID, etc..
CHARACTER MAP – Performs SQL Server level makes string data changes such as changing data from lower case to upper case.
CONDITIONAL SPLIT – Separates available input into separate output pipelines based on Boolean Expressions configured for each output.
COPY COLUMN – Add a copy of column to the output we can later transform the copy keeping the original for auditing.
DATA CONVERSION – Converts columns data types from one to another type. It stands for Explicit Column Conversion.
DATA MINING QUERY – Used to perform data mining query against analysis services and manage Predictions Graphs and Controls.
DERIVED COLUMN – Create a new (computed) column from given expressions.
EXPORT COLUMN – Used to export a Image specific column from the database to a flat file.
FUZZY GROUPING – Used for data cleansing by finding rows that are likely duplicates.
FUZZY LOOKUP –  Used for Pattern Matching and Ranking based on fuzzy logic.
IMPORT COLUMN – Reads image specific column from database onto a flat file.
LOOKUP – Performs the lookup (searching) of a given reference object set against a data source. It is used for exact matches only.
MERGE – Merges two sorted data sets into a single data set into a single data flow.
MERGE JOIN – Merges two data sets into a single dataset using a join junction.
MULTI CAST – Sends a copy of supplied Data Source onto multiple Destinations.
ROW COUNT – Stores the resulting row count from the data flow / transformation into a variable.
ROW SAMPLING – Captures sample data by using a row count of the total rows in dataflow specified by rows or percentage.
UNION ALL – Merge multiple data sets into a single data set.
PIVOT – Used for Normalization of data sources to reduce analogies by converting rows into columns
UNPIVOT – Used for demoralizing the data structure by converts columns into rows in case of building Data Warehouses.