Concurrency: Concurrency is nothing but execution of different transactions simultaneously on one single resource.
Dead lock : A group of threads are waiting for resources held by others in the group. None of them will ever make progress.
Example :
An example of a deadlock which may occur in database products is the following. Client applications using the database may require exclusive access to a table, and in order to gain exclusive access they ask for a lock. If one client application holds a lock on a table and attempts to obtain the lock on a second table that is already held by a second client application, this may lead to deadlock if the second application then attempts to obtain the lock that is held by the first application.
Starvation :
A thread may wait indefinitely because other threads keep coming in and getting the requested resources before this thread does. Note that resource is being actively used and the thread will stop waiting if other threads stop coming in.
Example :
High priority thread:
if the system is priority based system then low priority thread never gets a chance.


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